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README.apollo - Perl version 5 on Apollo DomainOS


The following tests are known to fail as of Perl 5.005_03:

comp/decl..........FAILED at test 0 op/write...........FAILED at test 0 lib/filefind.......FAILED at test 2 lib/io_udp.........FAILED at test 2 lib/findbin........stat(/ressel/ABT/USER/vta/jk/proj.local/perl/perl5.005_03-MAINT_TRIAL_5/t/lib/): No such file or directory at ../lib/ line 162 stat(/ressel/ABT/USER/vta/jk/proj.local/perl/perl5.005_03-MAINT_TRIAL_5/t/lib/): No such file or directory at ../lib/ line 163 FAILED at test 1


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