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htmlclean - a small script to clean up existing HTML


htmlclean [-v] [-V] file1 [file2 file3 ...]


This program provides a command-line interface to the HTML::Clean module, which can help you to provide more compatible, smaller HTML files at the expense of reducing the human readability of the HTML code. In some cases you may be able to reduce the size of your HTML by up to 50%!

The HTML::Clean library provides a number of features that improve your HTML for browsing and serving:

htmlclean passes each file given on the command line to the library and writes out the new HTML according to the specified options. The default is to create a backup file and replace the file with cleaned HTML.

Removing whitespace, Comments and other useless or redundant constructs
Insuring that font tags work across multiple operating systems

For full details see the documentations for HTML::Clean itself.


Print the version of the program.

Verbose mode. Print out the original and final file sizes, plus the compression percent. For example:

  5261   4065 22% /tmp/development-es.html
  5258   4061 22% /tmp/development-fr.html
  4651   3683 20% /tmp/development.html  


For the library, see HTML::Clean


htmlclean is written by Paul Lindner, <>


Copyright (c> 1998 by ITU under the same terms as Perl.




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